Jonathan Dancy: Moral Particularism

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In his SEP article presenting moral particularism, Jonathan Dancy defended particularism against “absolute” and “contributory” moral generalism.  Absolute moral generalism claims that a moral principle is “a universal claim to the effect that all actions of a certain type are … Read More

Gilbert Harmon: Moral Particularism and Transduction

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Gilbert Harmon considered two theories on the grounding of moral decisions, moral particularism and moral generalism.  Moral generalism holds that moral truths originate from general moral principles, or that reasonable or justified moral decisions are grounded in general moral principles.  … Read More

Douglas Portmore: Consequentializing Moral Theories

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Douglas Portmore presented an intricate argument designed to preserve the “deeply compelling” theory of act-utilitarianism from its counter-intuitive implications.  In my view his argument falls short; in trying to avoid the counter-intuitive arguments against act-utilitarianism, he wrongly abandoned the central … Read More

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