Economic Reflections 3 (part 2): Utility and Gifts

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In ch. 3 of What Money Can’t Buy, Michael Sandel’s topic was how markets crowd out morals.  Discussing gifts, Sandel cited Joel Waldfogel’s argument that gifts are economically inefficient, rarely satisfying as much as what recipients buy for themselves, thus … Read More

Two possible objections to Wolterstorff’s critique of eudaimonism

In chapter one of “Justice and Love” Nicholas Wolterstorff introduces his proposed ethical view of agapism, comparing it with the three macro systems of ethical thought: egoism, eudaimonism, and utilitarianism. I find his critiques conclusive against egoism and utilitarianism; his critique against eudaimonism seems less persuasive. To be clear, on the whole I do not differ with his argument, but it seems to me that his argument against eudaimonism does not preclude two possible objections.

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