The Austrians Were Right

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I’ve recently run across the Austrians a bit while listening to some podcasts on RAI3 from an economic conference held by Italian economists a couple of weeks ago in Italy. Most of these guys are not of the Austrian school, but in a little research on the ideas I’ve run across the Austrians a bit. It looks like interesting stuff, but questions remain.

God’s People Reconciling

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A friend recently brought this address by Ronald Sider to my attention.  Though over 20 years old, I find it as challenging today as it must have been then. God’s People Reconciling

Common Good and Economics

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This is a brief introduction to my translation into English of the Italian economist Luigino Bruni’s essay “Bene Comune ed Economia: per una economia agapica”, or “Common Good and Economics: toward an agapic economy”, in which he proposes four possible ways to introduce agapic love into the marketplace.

Entrance Exam

Last week my wife received a letter from a girl she had visited in the county jail. The girl asked her thoughts on a few questions for a Bible study in their tank, one of which was this: “If you were in front of God right now, and he asked you, ‘Why should I let you in my Kingdom of Heaven?’, what would your answer be?” My wife mentioned this to me last Saturday, and after a few moments’ reflection I responded: “Because I want what you want.”

Idol, Boredom, Vanity, Love

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Jean-Luc Marion, in God Without Being, has given me the first effective response to Quohelet’s charge of vanity with which I have struggled much of my life. I read this but two weeks ago, and already I find it challenging and transforming a long held instinctive response to the world.

Radical Equality

Four hundred years of prophetic silence was broken by John the Baptist with a succinct statement of radical equality. Tom Friedman sees the world flattening now; John saw that two millennia ago.

Conversation Overheard on a Plane

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Flying the Tuesday after Memorial Day I overheard a conversation between a man and a woman behind me; these were chance seatmates for this flight. He was a geologist, perhaps 50+ years old, and she was perhaps late 60s or 70s.

Online Philosophy Study

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I just found this NPR review on the University of Illinois, Springfield, through which I am studying philosophy online. I am in my fourth year of study. UIS has a very good program; the standards are high, and the profs … Read More

The Idol and the Icon

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Marion, Jean-Luc. God Without Being. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1991. I’ve finally been able to set the time apart to finish the first chapter of God Without Being of Jean-Luc Marion tonight. In this first chapter his focus is … Read More

Ninian Smart: Understanding Religious Experience

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Smart, Ninian. “Understanding Religious Experience.” Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis. Ed. Steven T. Katz. New York, Oxford University Press, 1978. 10-21.

This is the first of a series of presentations on the book cited above; Prof. Smart’s is the opening essay in the book. Future essays will be presented as I can pull together time and focus. In this first I will not engage it personally, rather simply present the essay without comment.

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