Divine Command Theory (DCT)

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There has been a question in philosophical discussion since at least the time of Socrates regarding the nature of what is good. Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?

Money, Greed, and God

“The church is bombarded with two competing messages about money and capitalism. The first message is that wealth is bad and causes much of the world’s suffering; the second is that wealth is good and God wants you to prosper and be rich.” There are two foci in the quoted text: wealth and self. This seems a misfocus; the 2nd greatest command is about the self to other relation, not self to wealth.

Seated with Jesus in the heavens…

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Considering Ephesians 2:6, we have an idea that were we to have the right sort of spiritual “telescope” we could look “out there somewhere” and see ourselves literally sitting down with him. I don’t understand it that way any more.

Church Marketing and Jesus

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“Then there is the other extraordinary theme, which is that of ‘visibility’, we might say. In our media society we know well that you exist only if you appear, only if you are seen. And churches are easily and fatally induced into seeking visibility.” Paolo Ricca


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This morning, in the first few minutes after awaking while reorienting to the world, it occurred to me that the Beatitudes have an answer to my perennial bugaboo, the opening of Ecclesiastes: “Vanity of vanity; all is vanity.”

Carlo Lottieri: The Transcendency of the Other

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“…and so I close my presentation with that which I hold to be in reality the most authentic reasons for federalism, which are neither juridical-institutional nor economic. It seems to me that an order that dissolves political violence … and that affirms a horizon in which singular and natural rights are preserved … cannot even be imagined without the consolidation of a culture that recognizes the transcendency of the other.”

Membership Covenants

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In conversation last Sunday afternoon with someone visiting from the Pacific Northwest, the topic of membership covenants at large evangelical churches came up.

Market Distortions of Love

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I recently noted a quote from William Wang, CEO of Vizio: “The biggest measurement we have is how many customers love us. To achieve that, the product must be good, and it must be affordable.”

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