Idol, Boredom, Vanity, Love

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Jean-Luc Marion, in God Without Being, has given me the first effective response to Quohelet’s charge of vanity with which I have struggled much of my life. I read this but two weeks ago, and already I find it challenging and transforming a long held instinctive response to the world.

The Idol and the Icon

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Marion, Jean-Luc. God Without Being. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1991. I’ve finally been able to set the time apart to finish the first chapter of God Without Being of Jean-Luc Marion tonight. In this first chapter his focus is … Read More

Descartes and the Certainty of God

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In Meditation V of the Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes considers a second argument for the existence of God. Descartes posits that the certainty of the existence of God should have “at least the same level of certainty” as the truths of mathematics.

La metafisica del sangue / Metaphysics of blood

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La settimana scorsa mi venivano domande, pensieri, della metafisica del sangue. L’esempio specifico era quello del sangue d’Abele che gridava verso Dio dalla terra. Il sangue stesso è andato sempre più disperso, ma sia per Dio sia per la terra in qualche modo il sangue esisteva ancora in modo da poter “gridare”, ovvero testimonare, dell’avvenimento violente. Ma come e in che modo però, ecco la domanda.

Normative Values and Determinism

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The question of determinism as normally considered in the analytic tradition of philosophy does not consider values; the focus of the determinist discussion as I have found it so far tends to be purely on physical process and the logical analysis of alternative possibilities. After a focused study of this in the last semester, I have begun to wonder if the usual view of determinism is complete.

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