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Faith, Hope and Love

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I recently found that the Italian national radio station is publishing some of its material in podcasts. Listening to one yesterday (Uomini e Profeti) on the evaluation of current actualities in the light of received traditions, (unfortunately no longer linked online) I heard a fascinating variant on the well known “faith, hope and love” themes of St. Paul’s concluding verse of I Corinthians 13. The Waldensian theologian Paolo Ricca suggested the following formulation.

  • Faith: the opposite of closure
    (la fede: il contrario della chiusura)
  • Hope: the opposite of scepticism
    (la speranza: il contrario dello scetticismo)
  • Love: the opposite of indifference
    (l’amore: il contrario dell’indifferenza)

I responded quickly to the last two; I find that I am most intrigued by the first. I have so long thought of “faith” as a sort of intellectual assent, or belief, that has a certain personal committment that I don’t quite know how I understand his thought of “closure,” but I want to consider it further.

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