Prison Economics of Immigration

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Illegal immigration is doubtless a highly complex issue, with myriad points of view to consider, as are drug use and other non-violent crimes; however, a positive one should not be corporate profit, recast in patriotic and political terms with which it becomes difficult to differ in principle without seeming to affirm the opposite.

Karol Wojtyla’s Person and Act and Post-foundationalist Truth

Karol Wojtyla’s Person and Act seems the best approach I have personally found to understand the world after a post-foundationalist collapse. Any certainty that I have does not derive from my ability to reduce the world to the scope of my theories, whether scientific or theological, but from truths which I re-cognize outside myself, toward which I reach beyond myself.

Money, Greed, and God

“The church is bombarded with two competing messages about money and capitalism. The first message is that wealth is bad and causes much of the world’s suffering; the second is that wealth is good and God wants you to prosper and be rich.” There are two foci in the quoted text: wealth and self. This seems a misfocus; the 2nd greatest command is about the self to other relation, not self to wealth.

Entrance Exam

Last week my wife received a letter from a girl she had visited in the county jail. The girl asked her thoughts on a few questions for a Bible study in their tank, one of which was this: “If you were in front of God right now, and he asked you, ‘Why should I let you in my Kingdom of Heaven?’, what would your answer be?” My wife mentioned this to me last Saturday, and after a few moments’ reflection I responded: “Because I want what you want.”

Radical Equality

Four hundred years of prophetic silence was broken by John the Baptist with a succinct statement of radical equality. Tom Friedman sees the world flattening now; John saw that two millennia ago.

Online Philosophy Study

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I just found this NPR review on the University of Illinois, Springfield, through which I am studying philosophy online. I am in my fourth year of study. UIS has a very good program; the standards are high, and the profs … Read More

On a Leash and Choke Collar

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Whether or not people will ever connect the dots that in our sumptuous lifestyle we have sold ourselves into slavery to others, and be willing to make some very hard decisions with personal impact, remains unknown. This is easy to blame on presidents and Congress; while they do control the fiscal policy, we ultimately hold them accountable, or not, for how they manage that.

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