Gratuitousness and Reciprocity Contrasted

Enzo Bianchi: In any case, if the other does not accept or receive forgiveness, the one who forgives, in forgiving, affirms gratuitousness. He affirms that he wants to re-initiate the relationship with the other—the one who wronged him—from the beginning. He wants in some way to say that he does not want reciprocity. This to me is what is truly and profoundly human in forgiving.

Moni Ovadia on Gratuitousness

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Gratuitousness is basic to the life of a person, because this is how we know ourselves to be human. Gratuitousness is an escape from alienation and commoditization.

La Veglia di Natale, 1972

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Sono le 2330 della Veglia di Natale al momento che scrivo. Tra una mezz’ora sarà Natale. Il mio più forte ricordo della Veglia di Natale in Italia era del 1972, il secondo anno. Verso le 0730 trentaquattro anni fa partii da Vicenza in treno per andare a Rieti, dove passai la settimana insieme a vari amici.

Egregio Sig. Marchese:

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All’egregio sig. Marchese, della vecchia villa ai piedi della Via San Giacomo Apostolo 4, Cornigliano, a Genova, durante gli anni 1971-1973: dopo tanti anni Le scrivo dalla distanza geografica dell’America e dalla distanza temporale di trentaquattro anni. Le scrivo in … Read More

Retracing through Italy

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So begins what must necessarily be an occasional, perhaps even haphazard, attempt to record my thoughts on my time in Italy. It will probably finally be much less about Italy than about me, with Italy in some basic sense being … Read More