Lawrence Blum on Gilligan and Kohlberg (part 1)

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In a 1988 paper, “Gilligan and Kohlberg: Implications for Moral Theory,” Lawrence Blum contrasted the moral theories of Carol Gilligan and Lawrence Kohlberg, arguing in support of Gilligan. Kohlberg represents the dominant view, which casts morality as based on “impartiality, … Read More

Mises and Impartiality

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Reading the SEP entry on impartiality, I became curious where Ludwig von Mises’ thought might fit within that spectrum.  In Liberalism, Mises locates his thought as consequentialist: “Everything that serves to preserve the social order is moral; everything that is … Read More

J.S. Mill on Justice and Utility

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In ch. 5 of Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill argues to ground justice in utility. For Mill, the essence of justice is a “right residing in an individual” (59.) To possess a right is to have a valid claim on society … Read More

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