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We’ve noticed a pattern, that we do not hear from L, except on her terms. When she needs something she will call, but apart from that she seems to stay apart from us. That’s okay, forcing will not work; when and/or if she is ever ready we’ll see more of her.

F is not only holding together, but doing surprisingly well. She has a temp job now, and her reviews from her employers have been solid. She and M have married; that at times seems tenuous, but they are sticking it out. For someone in her mid 20s that spent 7 years addicted to crack, dancing for a living, she is seeing the destructiveness of her old life clearly enough to not want to go back to it. She has a new sense of responsibility to her 2 year old as well, the need to be available for her. How long it might hold we never know, but we (mostly Chris) responds as she to the moment, and for now that is enough.

No regrets at all on keeping them for the three weeks. Had we not done so, I think it very possible that F would be back on crack, distraught as she was over having just given up her child for adoption, then to lose K, the two year old, less than 48 hours later. Even with our close support it was it was nip and tuck for a bit.

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