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Micro Lending

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New Year’s Eve I watched a video on the micro lending explosion that is having a dramatic effect on global poverty. As I reflected on the film in some discussion following, one notable point of the video is that the women that are taking the loans do so with the purpose of improving the lives of their families. While food is an immediate improvement, another is that many more children are able to go to school.

I learned recently that through Helps International, an NGO that works primarily in Guatemala, a remote grade school in Santa Avelina will be getting Internet access. I first gained access to the Internet in mid 1994; that a remote mountain village in Guatemala will be able to have access only 12 years later is astounding.

As these trends continue, the shift of global power over a couple of generations will probably be significant. They have a motivation to learn and improve economically that few have in the US.

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